When you don't know your next steps, do this

Hi beautiful

I feel so excited that you are reading this, because it means you are considering building or growing a love based business, and the world needs you now more than ever.

Here's Laura from my recent online class.

She recently committed to some 1-1 help, and not even a week after we worked together, she sold her first high-end healing package... making her investment back several times over.

Laura got into her flow

When you say YES to the right opportunities, many doors open for you immediately...

Would you like to be like Laura and get flowing again?

With this 90 minute session I'll work with you to discover and erase your biggest business block so you can make clear business decisions from that moment on.
Shazzie business coach

Take The Leap From Working In That J.O.B. Into The Realms Of Infinite Wealth & Opportunities

This is for you if:

  • You are thinking of going it alone and don’t know how to start.

  • You have a small or young business and don’t know the best way to scale.

  • You are trained or qualified in your passion but don't know how to turn that into a real business.

  • You had a successful business pre Covid, and want to know how to pivot online.

  • You're interested in joining one of my high end offers and want to see how we work together first (if you do join an offer, I'll discount you $100)

In one intensive 90 minute Zoom mentoring call (Worldwide, I don't work UK office hours), I’ll work with you to:

  • figure out and erase your biggest business block

  • Plan your next action steps to business success

  • Become armed with a list of all the tools, strategies and software you need to get you there

This is ONE ON ONE (absolutely no group calls), which means we can dig very deep and hatch out the best way for you to start earning money doing what you love — fast.

As this mentoring package is bespoke, much of what we cover will depend on where you currently are.
Natural Zen testimonial

Who Am I And Why Am I Committed To Your Business Expansion?

I'm a Brit with a worldwide audience

In 2000 the Internet made me famous and I changed the world doing what I love. 12 years, 1 famous health food business, 5 revolutionary books, 2 signature clubs, a Sky TV show, a million download app and $20M later, I retired aged just 43.
This is me with my daughter Evie

I live in my beautiful eco home with my fluffball Ripley and my daughter Evie.

I've been a hands on single mum since she was born. My "work two hours a day in my online business" mantra made all this possible, and that's what I want to teach you. Let's get started.
Shazzie's timeline

It's time

Time to get your business off the ground in one power packed 90 minute process that will unblock your flow so you can finally say HELLO to unlimited abundance (just like I did).

Plus if you decide you want to join my business club or another high end offer, I'll give you a discount of $100.

If you’re ready to spread your wings, to be big, to be an icon, to give your family all the security you desire, to shape the world according to your vision of love… then this is your chance to work with me to get that lift off you desperately need to start the business of your dreams.

Shazzie business coach

TOTAL VALUE: $1,500 but yours today for only $197

Once you book, I'll message you to arrange our chat

PLUS! Get these gifts

As soon as you book your 1-1, you'll get instant access to all these gifts so you don't have to wait a second longer to get started

  • Get Earning Now Guide

    $197 value

    6 Months To $30k -- Your Personal Profit Plan to go from zero list, audience and income to $30k in just six months.

  • Me Time Guide

    $47 value

    You are your top priority in your business, so self care is super important. This guide gives you fast and actionable tips so you can stay on top form.

  • 8 Days To Business Success

    $197 value

    8 Day Business Mindset course to help you get and stay in the best frame of mind to ensure your success.

What you say

“I was at my wits end: lacking focus, direction and motivation for my current coaching business and my future retreat business venture in Italy. In essence, my passion and enthusiasm had hit an all-time low and I was on the verge of giving it all up.

In a single call with Shazzie I went through a gamut of emotions as she gently pushed, prodded and cajoled me into uncovering my blocks, my blind spots and my resistance to what was happening right in front of me.

To say this was the most impactful business coaching session I have ever had is a complete understatement. Not only did I get renewed clarity on my vision but I reconnected with my passion and my mission to help others and I feel like I have taken a massive leap forward.

The Shazzie “magic” during the deep visualisation was (and still is) one of the most impactful experiences of my life. When I allowed myself to go really deep, I was transported into a space of opportunity, abundance and endless possibilities. Completely priceless!

The experience allowed me to reconnect with me and from this place everything is possible.

If you are feeling stuck, lacking direction or motivation then I cannot recommend Shazzie highly enough.”

Maureen York: The Calm Coach

“From that very first call with Shazzie, I could feel the integrity, hear the wisdom and was able to embrace the most magical business mindset ever…

As a business mentor, Shazzie had this uncanny ability to unearth and open the “stuff” that had been holding me back, both personally and in my business. I was “stuck” on how to implement my ideas properly and in an orderly fashion that would best suit my clients while still making money.

She help me to focus in on my attributes by giving me actionable advice and tangible steps and tools to work with.

It wasn’t all fluff and stuff, It was real business advice and planning.

It’s been utterly amazing to have such an accomplished and ethical business woman rooting for my success. Thank you so much, Shazzie, for empowering me and and giving my business the structure and momentum it needed to flourish.”

LaFaye Pye: Prosperity Strategist

“I’m convinced that, without Shazzie’s mentorship, I wouldn’t even have a business, let alone two, million dollar businesses, doing what I love: Empowering people to have amazing Health and Energy.

It all started back when I invested in a business that turned into a disaster, leaving me almost bankrupt. The one silver lining was that, in the process, I met Shazzie, who gave me some priceless advice on the Real Keys for Business Success (which the people I had invested with were clueless about).

So, I listened, and soon enough, with Shazzie’s support, I went from living lost, confused and in debt, in a tiny attic room, to living in a six bedroom house, with pool, in a warm country.

This was partly thanks to Shazzie’s advice, and support. However, it was also down to having her as a Role Model, for what to do, and what’s possible. That’s something priceless that I could never have got from a book, and which I’m eternally grateful for.

Of course, if it weren’t for Shazzie, not only would my life still be pretty depressing, but I also wouldn’t have been able to help over a thousand clients that I’ve personally worked with, or the many thousands of people who’ve shared their thanks for my books, products, videos and programs.

So, on behalf of myself, and all the people who’ve thanked me over the years for the life transforming results they’ve had with their Health: Thank You Shazzie. I literally couldn’t have done it without you… ”

Elwin Robinson: Master Herbalist

“In just a few weeks Shazzie has helped me develop a very exciting vision and a practical plan for how to achieve it. I’ve received so many resources and also made the personal growth to know I can make this happen.

Shazzie is incredibly kind and very generous with her time and wisdom. I’ve felt supported at every step, and to have someone believe in you like that is very empowering.

Change is happening quicker than I had expected – I’m well on my way now with it now and extremely grateful! ”

Hayley North: The Holistic Kitchen

TOTAL VALUE INCLUDING BONUSES: $1,941 but yours today for only $197

Once you book, I'll message you to arrange our chat