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Course description

  • Attract abusive partners even though you've done a lifetime of personal development work?
  • Have strangers shout at you for no reason?
  • Freak out about things that other people consider normal?
  • struggle to open your post and do other everyday stuff?
  • Spend hours daydreaming and disconnecting from the world?
Yep, me too... It's not only crippling, but it's also life threatening.
And do you know what it is? Trauma that hasn't yet healed.

My personal story around trauma is huge, and I've always taken my own healing seriously in a bid to just be able to function like those normal people I see around me.

In some ways I'm a genius, and I'm a happy person, but I collapse in my brain and freeze when triggers pop up.

My lovely higher self, wanting to heal, brought ever more traumatic experiences to my heart until I finally saw what was going on.

I didn't know until very recently that my dysfunction was all down to CPTSD. It's only by watching teachers such as Meredith Miller, Richard Grannon, Melanie Tonia Evans and our own beautiful VIPster Eva that I started to piece together what was really going on.

Through these lovebeings, I discovered the books Psychopath Free, Complex PTSD, The Human Magnet Syndrome and Codependent No More.

Who knew that this was a real thing? So many of us go through life not knowing it even has a name, let alone a way to recover.

As I spoke about my discoveries in my VIP Room, more and more VIPsters were saying "OMG I think I have CPTSD too".

It was as if we had a collective lightbulb go off in our megabrain. Not surprising, as birds of a feather do indeed flock together.

So we've decided to study the teachings of the people and books I just mentioned in a book club format, over the magic of Zoom (ike Skype but loads better).

Starting late January, for six months, we will be holding twice monthly live Zoom meetings for VIPsters who are interested in releasing their trauma (CPTSD / PTSD).

It will be interactive, as I can't read all of these books in this time. There will be lots of time for us to share our experiences, and what's helped us, inside these resources and outside (such as vibrational healing, plant spirits, EDMR etc).

In Shazzie's VIP Room, we leave no stone unturned in our quest to become divine beings on earth.

If you're reading this and you recognise that you may have CPTSD, then I'd absolutely love you to join my book club so you can heal with us.

And to make it easy for you, I've created a special discount...

To join the whole of my VIP Room and gain access to the book club live on Zoom from anywhere in the world, I've added a special $17 a month off button. That means you can access everything the VIP Room has to offer, PLUS the book club for $10 a month (you can cancel any time). Just select the $10 HEALING OUR TRAUMA OFFER button at the bottom of this page and then follow the instructions!

Once in Shazzie's VIP Room, you must immediately join our Facebook community as the links to the live events will be published in there. This Facebook community link is one of the first things you'll see when you get into the course, and it will also be in your welcome email.

What to expect
  • 12 live 60-90 minute Zoom sessions over the course of six months.
  • All aforementioned books reviewed and discussed.
  • All aforementioned teachers and teachings discussed and reviewed.
  • Personal journey stories.
  • Accountability in healing within the group and also the chance to buddy with another CPTSD VIPster for further accountability in healing.
  • Sharing of other healing modalities that have helped us.
  • Hopefully, some surprise guests... I'm working on it ;-)
  • PLUS complete access to my life mastery club Shazzie's VIP Room and our private Facebook Community
I can't wait for this book club to begin, and if you choose to help yourself heal and join us, you'll be in such a loving and welcoming community that I know will accelerate your own healing journey.

Bliss U

PS: Remember you get $17 per month OFF! Just select the $10 HEALING OUR TRAUMA OFFER button at the bottom of this page and then follow the instructions!

Shazzie .
Shazzie .
TV Presenter, Author of 5 Books, Business Mentor

Hi, I'm Shazzie

Life & Business Mastery Mentor, TV Presenter and Author of five books and several apps.

I’m also mummy to my beautiful Evie (born 2004). We live with our doggie and two guinea pigs in our luxury bespoke eco-home in Sussex, UK.

Yes, I have a Jacuzzi in my bedroom, a disco spring water steam room and a fabulous mirrored and crystal chandelier kitchen.

I want to let you know how I got to this point, because believe me, my life wasn’t always this wonderful.

I was born in Yorkshire, UK in 1969, moved to Cambridgeshire as a kiddie, and then moved around lots more until I settled here.

I trained as a graphic designer in the early nineties and was one of the world’s first web, GUI and touch screen designers. I travelled the world and lived the life of my dreams.

But something was missing and made me feel deeply unfulfilled — I realised I wasn’t living my purpose.

I was so stressed and out of touch with my true purpose, I looked older at 28 than I do at 47!

Eventually it hurt too much, so I made some radical changes to my life.

I cleaned up my diet, moved to Spain for a couple of years, and stared at orange trees until I decided what I wanted to do. Then I unwittingly changed the world with multiple revolutions.


Having started a blog (one of the world’s first blogs) in 2000, I found myself with millions of readers, a fledgling business, viral videos and blog posts and a very steep learning curve.


In just twelve short years, my passion and creativity made all this happen:

  • I wrote five books (Detox Delights, Detox Your World, Naked Chocolate with David Wolfe, Ecstatic Beings and Evie’s Kitchen).
  • I became the hostess of a TV series on Sky (Raw Kitchen).
  • I presented and hosted events at the world’s most prestigious venues such as the Burj Al Arab in Dubai.
  • I created the UK’s first ever range of raw organic chocolates.
  • I became one of iTune’s most downloaded meditation authors (Sleep Easily, almost ONE MILLION downloads).
  • And I turned over around $20 million!

All because I just followed my passion.

I didn’t let becoming a homeless single mummy and many other personal dramas stop me. In fact I just kept focusing on what I loved to do and now I reap the rewards daily. Once I’d established my business, I reduced my working hours to about ten a week. I’m a master at helping you to shrink your effort and grow your income.

In 2012 I sold my business, paid off the mortgage on my gorgeous bespoke home and kicked back and relaxed into early retirement, aged just 43.

I have to stress that I did this without the support of a man, trust fund or savings. It happened because I had a passionate vision and I would do anything to make it happen. Even if that meant rubbing tropical fruit all over my body in one of Youtube’s first ever viral videos.


…Happy, abundant, financially free and most importantly able to spend time with those you love the most.

I help you in two ways:

My life mastery club (Shazzie's VIP Room) and my business mastery club (GYFM Member's CLUB). Most of my clients are in both clubs, because it's so much easier to master your business when you've got a grip on your personal life.

I’m so crazily accomplished, I want nothing more than to help you kickstart your big stuff and revolutionise the world according to what you feel is important.

My superstar clients are achieving great success!

  • LP enrolled 200 new students in a day.
  • ER just finished a half a million dollar launch.
  • AK has contributed to an Amazon best selling book and has created a deep personal transformation system that's about to be rolled out to the world.
  • ED is helping new mums get their mojo back!
  • AC has created unique eco friendly designer yoga mats and is also becoming a bit of a guru herself in the process with her beautiful daily live videos.
  • HN is teaching the world all about real food through her teacher training retreats and workshops.
  • SN has a $30m turnover and declared that she learned more with me in a day than she has in the previous ten years.

And it goes on. As we work together we uncover and deliver more incredible business gifts and personal achievement desires.

I know right now it’s hard to imagine anything more than you already have. I NEVER imagined my life could be like this. EVER. I thought I’d end up working in a fish and chip shop, because I didn’t know people like me could live a life like this.

But now I do, and I help over 700 members to get there too...

As soon as you join my clubs and work with me (I'm there for you, for a lifetime) you’ll quickly know exactly what you need to do to become abundant and free while delivering your grandest vision of love to the world.

Ready? Let's do it together ;-)

Bliss U