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Become Inspired To Start Your World Changing Business | taught by Shazzie .

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Have you ever wanted to own an exclusive collection of high vibe business information so that you will be inspired to live your very own divine purpose your whole life through without having to deal with multiple conferences, webinars and inconvenient time-unfriendly conference calls? Well now you can!

This comprehensive business collection brings the best high vibe business owners, visionaries and gurus right to your armchair.

All the people interviewed in this collection will show you that if you just do what you love with focus and dedication you will succeed.

With this collection, you will immediately:

  • Get ideas on ethical and unusual career options.
  • Become inspired to start a small or large business.
  • Soak up advice on how to live your true purpose for the highest good of yourself and the planet.
  • Learn insider tricks on how to implement your business or business idea in this ever changing online world.
  • Access the thoughts and actions of ethical people like yourself who have made a success of their lives while remaining true to their values.
  • Become fully armed with all the business inspiration you can possibly need for the rest of your life!
  • Become intimate with the words of myself, Glenn Harrold (multi-million selling hypnotherapist), Rose Elliot (author of over 55 vegetarian books), David Wolfe (raw food guru and owner of Facebook's most engaged page in the world) and many more leading lights.

Look how much inspiration you get!

Jump Start Your Way To A Visionary Life

Inspiring and useful mini audio files that switch your divine being on so you can live your purpose easier without getting distracted, losing focus or doubting yourself.

(5 x MP3s)
Value $27 each
Total value $135

Change your life at the press of a button with this THREE MONTH mini-course. YES, it can be this simple!

3 exclusive 15 minute audio files for you to play upon waking to make your day ahead clear, simple, focused and productive so that you can make the most of your precious hours and feel truly satisfied at the end of the day.

Each audio with their own special messages written and read by myself. For best results, play the first file each day for a month when you first wake up through your headphones, while lying in bed.

(3 x MP3s)
Value per volume $17
Total value $51

Upgrade your life NOW with these exclusive ethical celebrity interviews. You don't have to waste hours of your precious time hunting out the best advice, it's all here for you.

Interviews with people living their purpose and making a huge difference to inspire you to do the same.

(11 x 1 hour talks MP3)
Value each $97
Total value $1067

Dive deeper into your own personal development, overcome your biggest fears and stay on track with these specially hand-picked guides.

Specially chosen guides that will expand your time, attitude, success, confidence and life force. Each report is like a little book. These reports are worth the investment alone, and more.

(6 x PDFs)
Value each $47
Total value $282

Visionary Experts' Secrets Caught On Video. Get great ideas on how to get a foot in the door with publishers, how to set up your very own genre of business, how to do what you love (of course!) and much more with me and these world-class experts.

Visionary videos to show you how great life can be once you get focused, clear and take action.

(5 x MP4s)
Value $297

Bonus Videos, Behind The Scenes Of My Life

Bonus files for you to take a peek at my own visionary life, to be inspired to create your own.

(3 x MP4s)
Total value $47

Once you get this collection, it's yours for life. Get inspired to start the business of your dreams, now. See you on the other side ;-)

Shazzie .
Shazzie .
TV Presenter, Author of 5 Books, Business Mentor

Hi, I'm Shazzie

Life & Business Mastery Mentor, TV Presenter and Author of five books and several apps.

I’m also mummy to my beautiful Evie (born 2004). We live with our doggie and two guinea pigs in our luxury bespoke eco-home in Sussex, UK.

Yes, I have a Jacuzzi in my bedroom, a disco spring water steam room and a fabulous mirrored and crystal chandelier kitchen

I want to let you know how I got to this point, because believe me, my life wasn’t always this wonderful.

I was born in Yorkshire, UK in 1969, moved to Cambridgeshire as a kiddie, and then moved around lots more until I settled here.

I trained as a graphic designer in the early nineties and was one of the world’s first web, GUI and touch screen designers. I travelled the world and lived the life of my dreams.

But something was missing and made me feel deeply unfulfilled — I realised I wasn’t living my purpose. Eventually it hurt too much, so I made some radical changes to my life.

I was so stressed and out of touch with my true purpose, I looked older at 28 than I do at 47!

I cleaned up my diet, moved to Spain for a couple of years, decided what I wanted to do. Then I unwittingly changed the world with multiple revolutions.


Having started a blog (one of the world’s first blogs) in 2000, I found myself with millions of readers, a fledgling business, viral videos and posts and a very steep learning curve.


In just twelve short years, my passion and creativity made all this happen:

  • I wrote five books (Detox Delights, Detox Your World, Naked Chocolate with David Wolfe, Ecstatic Beings and Evie’s Kitchen).
  • I became hostess of a TV series on Sky (Raw Kitchen).
  • I presented and hosted events at the world’s most prestigious venues such as the Burj Al Arab in Dubai.
  • I created the UK’s first ever range of raw organic chocolates.
  • I became one of iTune’s most downloaded meditation authors (Sleep Easily, over 600,000 downloads).
  • And I turned over around $20 million!

All because I just followed my passion.

I didn’t let becoming a homeless single mummy and many other personal dramas stop me. In fact I just kept focusing on what I loved to do and now I reap the rewards daily.Once I’d established my business, I reduced my working hours to about ten a week. I’m a master at helping you to shrink your effort and grow your income.

In 2012 I sold my business, paid off the mortgage on my gorgeous bespoke home and kicked back and relaxed into early retirement, aged just 43.

I have to stress that I did this without the support of a man, trust fund or savings. It happened because I had a passionate vision and I would do anything to make it happen. Even if that meant rubbing tropical fruit all over my body in one of Youtube’s first ever viral videos.


…Happy, abundant, financially free and most importantly able to spend time with those you love the most.

I’m so crazily accomplished, I want nothing more than to help you kickstart your big stuff and revolutionise the world according to what you feel is important.

My superstar clients are achieving great success!

  • LP enrolled 200 new students in a day.
  • ER just finished a half a million dollar launch.
  • AK has contributed to an Amazon best selling book and has created a deep personal transformation system that's about to be rolled out to the world.
  • ED is helping new mums get their mojo back!
  • AC has created unique eco friendly designer yoga mats and is also becoming a bit of a guru herself in the process with her beautiful daily live videos.
  • HN is teaching the world all about real food through her teacher training retreats and workshops.
  • GA owns a worldwide gaming brand, and we've worked together on giving it a new lease of life, focus, clarity, direction and major investment.
  • SN has a $30m turnover and declared that she learned more with me in a day than she has in the previous ten years.

And it goes on. As we work together we uncover and deliver more incredible business gifts and personal achievement desires.

I know right now it’s hard to imagine anything more than you already have. I NEVER imagined my life could be like this. EVER. I thought I’d end up working in a fish and chip shop, because I didn’t know people like me could live a life like this.

But I do, and you can too, when you discover that you LOVE something bigger than yourself.

Once you’ve worked with me, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to become abundant and free while delivering your grandest vision of love to the world.

Bliss U