What would discovering how to build a profitable online business in just five days be worth to you?

In my interactive five day online business retreat, I’m going to show you how to build your profitable business while kicking back on your sun lounger, relaxing at a spa or chilling in your bedroom Jacuzzi just like I do

Read below to learn a little more and get ready for a wonderful surprise at the bottom of my letter. This is possibly the biggest offer I’ve ever made. You might think you are reading the price wrong, but you’re not…

As the world continues to change before our eyes, and more coaches, healers and health freaks want to take their businesses online, what sets apart those who make it from those who fall by the wayside?

Just being an expert and claiming an Internet presence doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be sought after, have sell-out success or land a top media deal.

You have to get intimate with several lesser known success secrets and THEN you have to use your authority to build your “winner takes it all” brand.

Who Am I And Why Am I Committed To Your Business Expansion?

I'm a Brit with a worldwide audience

In 2000 the Internet made me famous and I changed the world doing what I love. 12 years, 1 revolutionary health food business, 5 radical books, 2 signature clubs, a Sky TV series, a million download app and $20 Million later, I retired aged just 43 (in 2012).
This is me with my daughter Evie

I live in my beautiful eco home with my fluffball Ripley and my daughter Evie.

I've been a hands on single mum since she was born. My "work from home two hours a day in my online business" mantra made all this possible, and that's what I want to teach you now.
Shazzie's timeline

Here‘s what I’ve seen in my 22 years of online business

So many authentic and heart led professionals who want to build their business online struggle to create:

  • A strong brand that positions them as the unquestionable go to expert in their niche

  • Unique, high value, transformational offers that are absolutely irresistible

  • An army of superfans who are constantly waiting to learn more from them

  • A simple and highly profitable business model that generates recurring revenue


  • Working 942 hours a day

  • Being live on every social media platform ever all at the same time

  • Selling their granny to pay for those hit and miss campaigns

  • Creating 100s of offers instead of simply growing their audience

So I’ve decided to do something completely new that will take the sting out of these show stopping issues so you can build your online business with ease and joy

Interactive retreat inside your very own course, worldwide, recorded if you can't make a session or two

This is the only online business retreat in the world that’s been created exclusively for coaches, healers and health freaks just like you so you can build a stress free and profitable business in just five days.

Monday 24th January to Friday 28th January 2022

(TURN SIDEWAYS ON PHONE) Write these dates in your calendar now


There you are! Stand out like Nemo at a Blobfish party -- let's make you unique! From cookie cutter to icon in her field

Your treasure chest of transformation Design a taster package to show how rapidly you can help your clients She uses her taster to get signature clients 

A morning at the beach Uncomplicate the complicated world of email lists, social media and advertising so you can enjoy your fans wherever you go She found the clients she was looking for


When infinity calls your name Build your recurring revenue business in just 24 hours (fab if you hate being on the sales treadmill) He stopped running on that treadmill


Pop on your armour of confidence


Six beautiful sales strategies that will light your business fire

She found a sales system she loved

*As the author of Sleep Easily Meditation, that's been listened to over 36 BILLION times, I've made these brand new and exclusive power meditations just for you to start your day with focused intention. You won't be able to find them anywhere else.

**These trainings are live and interactive. Please come five minutes early so we can get started on time. You'll find the links in your course.

*** This is your final live training and it'll complete your workbook, so be sure to turn up live!

**** Over the days, I'll release inspiring case studies that will make you realise you can do this too!


You get all these inspiring bonuses the second you say yes so you can absorb the love before we even start

  • BONUS ONE: Shazzie’s Velvet Sofa

    Value $297

    Be inspired with 13 articles, guides and meditations. Before we even start our live training, your mind will be completely primed for business success.

  • BONUS TWO: Interviews With Visionaries

    Value $777

    14 exclusive full length interviews with world class experts will open your heart to infinite possibilities. If all these people can change the world with their Vision Of Love, so you can you. So get listening while you do your chores today!

  • BONUS THREE: Wake Up In Paradise

    Value $297

    I’ve also given you my whole three month brain training series called Wake Up In Paradise, so you can begin upgrading your brain immediately.

And finally

  • BONUS FOUR: Think Like A Business Person: 8 Days To Business Success

    Value $197

    Want to change the world but don’t know how? The fastest way to start is by changing your mindset. Once you’ve taken this business mindset course you’ll be ready to bring your Vision Of Love to the world and attract massive abundance for doing so.

Let's recap

LIVE ONLINE RETREAT: Five glorious days to build that business you've always dreamed about, plus workbook to remind you how to do it all, plus six month access to the recordings
Value $2,997

BONUS ONE: Shazzie’s Velvet Sofa
Value $297

BONUS TWO: Interviews With Visionaries
Value $777

BONUS THREE: Wake Up In Paradise
Value $297

BONUS FOUR: Think Like A Business Person: 8 Days To Business Success
Value $197

When you add everything up, it’s a total real world value of $4,565. But because my Vision Of Love is to help you bring your Vision Of Love to the world, I’m giving you the opportunity to join me TODAY at the special price of just…

Just $27 for your seven day joyful online business retreat

($197 after the countdown)

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

Let’s Do This Together

If you‘re ready to finally learn exactly what it takes to build your profitable, scalable online business where you get that freedom you crave, while avoiding that dreaded overwhelm or exhausting guesswork, then…

Over these five days, you'll learn many business building strategies, while also taking care of your wellbeing. It could be your most juicy experience ever.

Yes we will mastermind every single day

Your very favourite training with me is our masterminds, so of course we will do plenty during this retreat

If you are lucky enough to get in the hotseat, prepare for your life to transform before your very eyes as I work my magic with you and your business.

When I mastermind with one client, you all benefit, so get excited and stay there.

You must be LIVE with me to have a change of masterminding.

  • Remember this retreat is interactive, so I’ve provided you with a workbook. Once it’s completed, it’ll become your personal guide to help you build your business with joy.

  • If you can’t print out your workbook, you can draw it on paper beforehand.

  • If you can’t make any of the sessions live, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Each session will be recorded, and I’ll add them to this course at the end of each day. You'll have 6 months access to the material.

  • If you're not live with us you won’t be able to ask questions or mastermind, but you will be able to do the work as if we are live, and other people’s questions will be super valuable to you too.

Just $27 for your seven day joyful online business retreat

($197 after the countdown)

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

Why my clients choose me

You might need a hanky for this one

How To Build A Business From Nothing

Recently I did something completely different in my business

Instead of just helping coaches, healers and health freaks to build their business, I actually built a whole online business for a healer…
100K in just over a year

From scratch. He had:

  • No Internet presence or fame

  • No existing email list

  • No understanding of tech

  • Zero wish to run the daily admin of the business

He just had a fabulous idea that could really help people, and that’s what our lives are all about, right?

Over the year, I built and documented the business, and by the time I'd finished my part, it was fully functioning, earning him over $12k PROFIT a month, without any staff or endless hours of work.

Most importantly, it’s helping thousands of people improve their mental health.

I’m talking to you about this because you may be thinking:

“It’s alright for you, Shazzie, you’ve been on the Internet longer than anyone else in the world. Of course you have the Midas Touch…”

But this client hasn’t, and it clearly proves that what I teach as a business mentor works.

Can you do this too?

What if you could learn the step by step details of how I built this business, so you could easily replicate it or use some of my profitable strategies to strengthen your business?

Well, now you can, because as part of this mammoth five day online retreat, I’m going to be spilling all the beans on exactly how I made that online business an instant success, so you can do the same with yours.

Imagine how satisfied you’ll feel when your business:

  • Finally starts producing the financial results you desire so you can give your family the security and lifestyle you wish for them (and you).

  • Won't require you to trade time for money so you can can grow it to infinity and beyond which means you will be able to help many more people.

  • Changes the world according to your very own Vision Of Love and even leaves behind a legacy that will be felt for eternity.

Just $27 for your seven day joyful online business retreat

($197 after the countdown)

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds


All my event attendees will be winners with this incredible business training retreat, but one person who attends LIVE will be gifted my Business Quick Start process, a value of $1,997.

BQS is a two hour 1-1 Zoom video process directly with myself where we dig deep to discover your true Vision Of Love and then we make a plan of how you can bring it to the world while receiving the financial reward you desire.

This gift will be given on the spot to a live attendee at a secret time during the event. No swapsies or cash alternatives allowed. This is not a competition, it’s a free gift of love from my heart to yours. It’s available worldwide and the winner can take it any agreed time in the next 12 months. You must come on camera and chat with me to win. My decision is final.

Special gift

This is me with my client Anna

Several years ago we conceived her eco yoga mat business called BlissCloud. We still work together today

When Anna launched her most recent online course, she had a 10% conversion rate. Industry standard is 2-4%, so she was thrilled with her results.
Me and Anna from Blisscloud

Just $27 for your seven day joyful online business retreat

($197 after the countdown)

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

What you say

“I’m convinced that, without Shazzie’s mentorship, I wouldn’t even have a business that turns over more than a million a year, doing what I love: Empowering people to have amazing health and energy… On behalf of myself, and all the people who’ve thanked me over the years for the life transforming results they’ve had with their Health: Thank You Shazzie. I literally couldn’t have done it without you… ”

Elwin Robinson: Master Herbalist

“I’ve been in business for nearly 30 years now. I’ve had so many business advisors, mentors and coaches and I can honestly say I’ve never had a mentor like Shazzie. She gives so much content, love and support into everybody’s business and she just wants us all to succeed. I can’t even begin to explain what it’s done for my life and my business.”

Marneta Viegas: Relax Kids Founder

“With Shazzie’s belief and never-ending support my business has continued to grow strongly using her advice. At a time when others are closing their doors due to lack of work, I’ve experienced one of the best months and years I’ve ever had in business. I’m now at full capacity, so have started to create new passive revenue streams to help even more clients.”

Debbie Walker: Naturopath, Passport To Change

Have we met before?

Time Out
BBC Food Food
LA Muscle TV / Sky TV
Channel 4
BBC Radio

Still undecided?

You’re ready for extraordinary business growth that will set you apart from the masses with my training, if:

  • You’re just getting started in business or you want to grow into your next phase and you don’t have the time or patience to keep testing and making mistakes. You want to get it right first time, and you are more than happy to implement the strategies of someone who’s been there before you.

  • You’ve been in business a while but you just aren’t seeing the revenue results that you expected and wanted. You’re frustrated and a little jaded but definitely not ready to throw in the towel just yet. You know there is a way through this and you’re more than excited to finally explore it.

  • Your business is good and you have a stable turnover, but you simply don’t have the time to learn all those powerful, “what’s working now” revenue generating strategies that will make it great. You just want someone to give you all those clear, proven, step by step business building strategies, and get that vital support along the way.

  • You go to bed optimistically dreaming about what life would feel like on the other side of all this hard work that you’ve put in. You want to stay in those beautiful hotels, take your family on holidays they’ll never forget and live in that stunning dream home. And now, you’re ready to open your arms and say YES to all of it.

  • Being the sole decision maker in your business is fab because you don’t have to argue with anyone or compromise, but it’s also a bit daunting. Not having step-by-step training to bring your ideas to life has sometimes led to you not making the best decisions and you are so ready to change this, without losing any actual control of your business.

  • Changing the world according to your Vision Of Love is crucial to you. You absolutely know that with the right advice, encouragement, support and strategies you can make that quantum leap in your business and finally get your message out to the world and really make a difference.

  • You feel confident making this five day investment in your business because you know without it, this time next year you’ll still be in the same place you are now, and your business will only grow at a blah pace. But WITH it, your business will get that injection of energy, clarity and experience it so desperately needs.

Meet Brett and Carmel

Carmel wanted to leave her job but their business wasn't yet supporting them. I waved my magic wand and GUESS WHAT HAPPENED NEXT...

Here's to your success

By the end of this retreat you’ll have figured out how to achieve:

Sparkling new revenue streams, bigger launches, more fame, a highly profitable business, and your revenue multiplied as per your goals, which will permanently set your business and your lifestyle apart from those who procrastinate, skip vital steps and blame others….So you can confidently build your juicy and profitable online business now.

I absolutely can’t wait to meet you on this retreat.

Bliss U

PS: Don’t worry what level your business is at right now, or if overwhelm keeps knocking at your door. I know what it’s like. I’m a single hands-on mum AND of course I have my own insecurities — we all do!

But remember I’ve been an online CEO for twenty two years in ethical online businesses, so I can help take all the guesswork out of building a business that effectively and simply delivers your Vision Of Love to the world for everyone to benefit.

Join me now, and let’s make your dreams come true.

Just $27 for your seven day joyful online business retreat

($197 after the countdown)

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds