“It's time for me to finally organise my business models, make sense of my sales systems and get a proper visibility strategy so I can change more people's lives.”

Even though there’s more competition now than ever, there’s never been a better time to build an online business

New easy to use tech, access to brand new markets, and a world of knowledge at our fingertips makes starting an online business and filling up with clients more attractive now than ever before.

That’s why so many people DO start…

But even with these advantages 80% still fail.

Yet it won’t be the same for you because you’re about to learn the number one business growth strategy that will ensure your business succeeds.

And that’s what’s going to give you everything you’ve always dreamed of: A juicy, highly profitable, system driven, world changing, freedom focused business that you run exactly on your terms.

The key ingredient is planning and implementing your client attraction strategies right alongside a real CEO who has had real success in real online businesses for over two decades.

I’d love to show you what that will look like for you.

Shazzie loves big macs

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned...

from building several online businesses (including retail, information, courses, memberships, coaching, clubs and presenting) in the past twenty two years (with over 50,000 regular clients, a Sky TV series, five best selling books, a million download app with 36 BILLION listens and a whopping $20 Million turnover) and...

channelled it into a 100% bespoke Business Visioning Day (you can split it over two days) that could not only get you earning fabulous revenue in just six weeks, but will future proof your marketing channels so you won’t be brought to your knees when the next big social media, ads or privacy change happens.
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Online over Zoom (Worldwide), you and I will meet to make magic.

We will get clarity on your Vision Of Love, to ensure you are truly working from your heart.

During the session, we will draw upon all my best strategies, from my 20 years in online business, my deep intuition and even my magical ways to ensure nothing can sabotage your vision.

We will outline everything with precision, detailing your offers, your sales funnels and figuring out all the tech you need to make it happen. This will all be based on how you love to work, so you absolutely can’t fail!

We will make your million dollar or high six figure plan. By the time you’ve implemented it, your business should be at an all time high.

You’ll leave the day transformed, bathed in practical positivity and fully armed with everything you need to become a world famous visionary who has the power to shift mass consciousness.

INCLUDED (Value $8,000)

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You can rinse and repeat this guide as often as you like or you can book another session with me to scale your business further.

We will make your million dollar or high six figure step by step action plan. By the time you’ve implemented it, your business should be at an all time high.

INCLUDED (Value $2,000)
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To help you when you need it most, we’ll take this time to work together on your most pressing issue — be that your web site, your branding, your sales page, your Facebook Ads or anything else I can help you with.

We will share screens over Zoom, and I can do the work for you while you’re there so you learn exactly how to do it yourself the next time, and so we get it perfect for you super fast.

You can take this session any time within six months of booking.

INCLUDED (Value $2,000)

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You are laser focused in your pursuit of claiming that life of luxury that you always wanted. Sometimes you may need to pinch yourself (I still do) and just share a moment. I’m there for you, on WhatsApp message or voice message (not calls) whenever you want me, even evenings and weekends.

I’ll text or voice message you back as soon as I receive your message, and we can resolve your question there and then.

This facility is available to you for 42 days immediately after your Visioning Day so I can be on call as you implement your Six Weeks To A Sparkling Revenue Stream Plan.

INCLUDED (Value $700)

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The easiest way for you to grab your Business Quick Start is to apply for PayPal credit (you get an almost instant answer).

When you use PayPal credit to pay in full, you won’t have to start paying anything for 4-6 months (country dependant), and it’s interest free in that time.

Using a new browser window, just go to your PayPal account and search for PayPal credit, then come back here to complete your transaction.

When you add everything up, it’s a total of $12,700.

But right now I’m giving a massive discount and you can book your package for just $3,857.

Pay in full and book your session as soon as we agree a time that suits us both. Usually I can book you in within 10 days.

Paypal credit

Or you can spread your payments over 6 months at $697 a month

(You can book your day immediately for after your final payment)

Questions my most successful clients ask before working with me

So before I remind you of how you can grow your business with me, I want to reassure you that all my successful clients have felt how you feel, too…

Excited, definitely wanting to work with me, and also a little overwhelmed and scared about making the commitment.

These answers really helped them feel certain it was the right choice

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This is me with my client Anna

Several years ago we conceived her eco yoga mat business called BlissCloud

We still work together today.

When Anna launched her most recent online course, she had a 10% conversion rate.

Industry standard is 2-4%, so she was thrilled with her results.

Shazzie loves big macs

Or you can spread your payments over 6 months at $697 a month

(You can book your day immediately for after your final payment)

Want to chat on Zoom first?

I want you to feel 100% sure this is right for you

So if you want a Zoom chat first, just click the button below to arrange it.

I'll request a $10 deposit that's refundable when you show up to the Zoom call.

Shazzie loves big macs