It’s time to stop reinventing the wheel and make your life that little bit easier when launching your coaching or healing products and services with these FREE email swipe files

As close as you can get to plug and play

  • 42 emails crafted especially for your launch: from warming up your audience to selling your stuff.

  • Whether your launch is a workshop series, webinar, a challenge, a bootcamp or even a video series, these emails will work for you.

  • Just swap my details for yours and plug them into your email service provider, no overthinking needed.

The only emails you need to launch your stuff

I recently spent about $3,700 on Facebook ads and earned $29,476 using these emails along with a live workshop series. (After turning over $20 Million, I don't do big sales things now, I just help a handful of revolutionaries grow their businesses.)

When I gave these emails to my club clients, it made their launches loads easier, which is why I’ve now made them available to you.

No more guessing your subject lines or how to start!

Your swipe files come in three parts:

  • Part one is for your audience who are on your list but haven’t yet signed up to your launch event. You can even use extracts of these for your social media promotions. Just remember to make it sound like you, not me.

  • Part two is for those who have registered for your event. Send a variation of these emails every five days only to those who have registered, before your event starts, to keep them warm.

  • Part three is for you to send always to your registered list, and sometimes to your unregistered list, and it comprises of “starting now” emails plus your launch countdown emails.

What's included?

  • 42 emails that you can swipe and make your own

    $197 value

    Using these emails will save you many hours when preparing for your launch. Plus you’ll gain some of that much needed confidence, because you’ll know you’re sending proven, high converting emails to your list.

  • BONUS ONE: Change your life at the press of a button with this THREE MONTH mini-course

    $51 value

    These lovely bonus audios are called Wake Up In Paradise. Over the course of 90 days, when you listen to these as instructed, you whole life will elevate. Each audio with their own special messages was written and read by myself. For best results, play the first file each day for a month when you first wake up through your headphones, while lying in bed.

  • BONUS TWO: 8 Days To Business Success Video Training Course

    $397 value

    I want you to succeed in your business so much that I'm giving you this highly effective mindset course. In just eight days, you’ll completely change the way you think about organisation, problem solving, negotiation, manifestation and being a business visionary.


Total Value Including bonuses: $645, but yours today absolutely FREE

About Shazzie

I'm a Brit with a worldwide audience

In 2000 the Internet made me famous and I changed the world doing what I love.

12 years, 1 famous health food business, 5 revolutionary books, 2 signature clubs, a Sky TV show, a million download app and $20M later, I retired aged just 43.

I live with my fluffball Ripley and my daughter Evie. I've been a hands on single mum since she was born.

My "work two hours a day in my online business" mantra made all this possible, and that's what I want to teach you. Let's get started.

This is me with my daughter Evie

What Timothy Says

(Author of more children's books than anyone alive!)

"Wow! These Email Swipe Files are another fantastic fruit I’m savoring from your Wish Fulfilling Tree of support.

Saving so much time while triggering new ideas.

Thank you so much Shazzie!"

Timothy Stuetz

Timothy Stuetz

Plug in your launch emails this afternoon?

Imagine checking off this huge part of your launch by the end of the day!

What Sheila Says

(Author of the #1 Bestsellers, Evolve Your Life and Success Breakthroughs with Jack Canfield)

"Our world has had enough of the boring and routine ~ are your eyes glazing over lately as you toil over writing copy that is compelling if not down right fun for your readers?

"If you need an infusion of *fresh* and *lively* to wake up your ideal clients, then Shazzie is your girl!

I've found her swipe files to be a breeze to customize and I run toward anything that shortens my work day.

These files demonstrate how easy clarity and effectiveness can be. Thank you, Shazzie!"

Shelia Cash

Sheila Cash

What Marie Says

(Functional Medicine Nutritionist)

"My speciality is helping women balance their hormones in midlife so they can look and feel amazing. I’m champion at making a difference to women’s lives.

However, the same cannot be said for writing copy, let alone copy that engages my audience and converts them to paying clients.

This is where Shazzie’s email swipe files are a lifesaver for me. Not only are these files easy to customise, but they also save so much time and takes the headache out of planning my email marketing.

Thank you Shazzie for another valuable resource. You’re awesome!"

Marie Cherrett

Marie Cherrett


Total Value Including bonuses: $645, but yours today absolutely FREE