Grow Your First Million Membership Club

Grow Your First Million Member's Club

Calling all dreamers, hippies, world changers, witches and wizards! It’s time for you to step up and make a difference, bring your Vision Of Love into the world and become abundantly rewarded for doing so. And I’m here to help you get there, for life.

Are you ready and committed to change the world and step into a world of financial abundance?

Let's find out by reading these three short questions:

1. Do you wonder how you can seriously and consistently monetize your business, talents or passions?

2. Do you see others in your field being more successful than you, and you just can't figure out why?

3. Do you feel overwhelmed at all the training courses, advice and downloads that are advertised all over social media these days?

Dear Love,

I hear you — and despite how successful I am now, I used to feel exactly the same as you.

It's a sad fact that most business advice doesn't work either because it's outdated, not relevant to your business or working style, is plagiarized, or more importantly doesn't deal with your specific and long-standing professional issues.

If the advice you've followed from all those courses, workshops, seminars and coaches you've invested your precious time and money into doesn't get right in there and flick your very unique switches, it can't radically change your life or your financial blueprint.

Many people find that they can never get over that "grow a million" hurdle, and they end up frustrated and wondering if they should give up on their dreams of financial freedom and go back to their soul sucking 9-5 job with their tail between their legs.

I'd love you to consider the following

How much time, money and effort will it take you to Grow Your First Million?

How long do you expect your potential clients will wait for you to be ready before taking their business elsewhere?

If you're not committed to doing everything it takes to build a successful business, then my offer definitely is not for you. However, if you are driven to watching your business grow 100, 200 or even 500% over the course of the next year, keep reading because I can show you how with my proven methods.

Imagine how your life will look when…

  • You have no financial restrictions so you can do what you want, when you want, which is true financial freedom.
  • You live your life in an abundant way that you never imagined possible, no more worrying about bills or downsizing.
  • You maximize your financial returns with minimal effort.
  • The life you choose for yourself is driven by desire and passion rather than affordability.
  • You have more quality time to do all of the things that you enjoy most, while you’re still young.

What does financial success mean to you?

Many people think money is such a dirty word, that they can’t even talk about it.

In fact, studies have shown that most people would rather actually struggle with finances and never have to ask for a raise, let alone move forward and attract the money they fantasize about by starting a successful business.

These people would rather spend money on a lottery ticket and hope for the best.

Seriously ;-)

And even if these people do pull themselves out of the corporate word and start a business, very often they’ll subconsciously price themselves out of the market or sell for less than they should, don't fully take advantage of massive sales opportunities, and sabotage their own success every which way they can.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, especially for you. Just by the fact that you are reading, I know that you are ready to move on to the stage in your life where abundance is a welcomed companion.

But hold on, because running a successful business and becoming financially free isn't something you can do by waving a magic wand and crossing your fingers. You have to leave that mindset to the lottery chasers.

You need to develop a series of successful habits, and go on a steep yet proven learning curve, which over time all compounds and allows you to do less work for greater gain.

So what if I promised you that I could give you my world-famous hand holding business advice for life, and teach you, step-by–step how to start your very own business and get your turnover to a million a year?

Let Me Explain To You Who I Am, And Why I'm So Committed to Helping You Grow Your First Million

My name is Shazzie and I'm a Sky Sports TV Presenter, author and life and business mastery mentor

In my first career, I worked as a brand manager for a major software company.

In 2000, I changed careers, starting up what eventually became Europe's largest superfood company. Here are some of my highlights:

  • One of the world's first bloggers, blogging since 2000, with millions of readers in my first year.
  • Author of five best selling books.
  • Co-creator of the raw chocolate revolution.
  • Traveled the world presenting talks and workshops.
  • Author of several guided meditations and apps. My Sleep Easily Meditation app is one of the most successful on iTunes, with almost a million downloads.
  • TV presenter for my series Raw Kitchen on Sky Sports TV.
  • Co-founder of The Heart Centre (yes, British spelling!)... a place for personal transformation.
  • As I mentioned previously, I've turned over more than $20 million, and have sold a business which enabled me to buy my dream home mortgage free and retire at age just 43.

When I first mastered my business and grew way beyond my first million, I was easily able to live my dream life. It afforded me the ability to travel the world and spend more time doing the things I wanted to do rather than the things I needed to do. I now have complete freedom to choose how I spend each day, delegating everything I don’t love to do!

It's an amazing feeling knowing that you are in complete control of your life and destiny. For me, it meant I was able to make choices that I would never have been able to make previous to my success. I can do things now that wouldn't have been possible. For me, financial freedom isn't a status symbol, it gave me a completely new lease of life to do the things that others can only dream of. How you choose to live your destiny is completely up to you.


“I’m convinced that, without Shazzie’s mentorship, I wouldn’t even have a business, let alone two, high six-figure businesses, doing what I love: Empowering people to have amazing Health and Energy.”

“It all started back when I invested in a business that turned into a disaster, leaving me almost bankrupt. The one silver lining was that, in the process, I met Shazzie, who gave me some priceless advice on the Real Keys for Business Success (which the people I had invested with were clueless about).”

“So, I listened, and soon enough, with Shazzie’s support, I went from living lost, confused and in debt, in a tiny attic room, to living in a six bedroom house, with pool, in a warm country.”

“This was partly thanks to Shazzie’s advice, and support. However, it was also down to having her as a Role Model, for what to do, and what’s possible. That’s something priceless that I could never have got from a book, and which I’m eternally grateful for.”

“Of course, if it weren’t for Shazzie, not only would my life still be pretty depressing, but I also wouldn’t have been able to help the almost one thousand clients that I’ve personally worked with, or the many thousands of people who’ve shared their thanks for my books, products, videos and programs.”

“So, on behalf of myself, and all the people who’ve thanked me over the years for the life transforming results they’ve had with their Health: Thank You Shazzie. I literally couldn’t have done it without you...”

Elwin Robinson
Founder of High Energy Academy and Lion Heart Herbs

But it wasn't always like this for me. I was born with a plastic fork in my mouth, not a silver spoon.

Like it or not, we are all programmed with specific beliefs about money, and my old beliefs were that lack of money was normal and that working hard is just what you do. I was taught to work hard, try and save, and live according to my means. I was even taught that it was normal to have debts, and to be grateful if I was ever able to save a bit of money here and there. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Years ago, I remember lying in bed at night with a calculator trying to figure out how I could make more than I needed for the bare essentials. I was in survival mode, which meant I was focusing on how to effectively tread water rather than allowing my abilities and passions to flourish and serve the world.

Believe it or not, I was TWICE homeless and it scared the living daylights out of me.

I managed to create an amazing career for myself so I could pay my way in the world, but it made me feel like I had a hole in my soul.

You know as well as I do that working for someone else gives us a certain degree of security, even if it does limit our potential, and it’s too easy to just resign ourselves to the idea that it's just our destiny and we soldier on.

So although I was truly grateful to be in employment, I knew this life of "working for someone else" was never going to fill that deep, empty hole, and I just couldn’t go on living like that for ever.

And when I got the chance to jump, I jumped. Full of all the fears of failure!

I built my business with limited means and I was a single mother -- it certainly wasn't all roses.

I made mistakes and the learning curve was extremely steep. I'd spend night after night doing research, putting in so much time and effort looking for new ways to expand my business and bring my Vision Of Love to the world.

Over the course of my career, I adopted and developed a series of habits that I learned from several successful business folk I met while running my business. They taught me how to streamline my operation, target a larger, more psychologically attuned audience, charge more for my products, and all of this while getting much larger and more frequent orders.

My relationships with my successful and dynamic business friends around the world really made me see what was possible. Over the years I’ve been invited to speak at different events worldwide with other recognized speakers, which has helped me share and learn amazing strategies and techniques that only these business people have been privy to. Up until now.

And since retiring, I've been selectively mentoring a handful of people just like you, helping them grow their businesses and expanding their wealth. And this is what I want to teach you.

I retired in back in 2012, and it’s only recently that I've felt ready to reach out and help you in a more affordable and comprehensive way than ever before.

Last summer, while chatting to some colleagues of mine, they suggested I start doing live training events again, this time, events that would help my ethical audience start their online business.

After careful consideration, I realized I wanted to do something more long lasting and comprehensive than a series of events.

Instead, I birthed the vision of a new business mastery club. I felt this would be more beneficial due to its highly interactive and hands on nature.

I’m already the glittery hostess of a life mastery club, which is almost ten years old now. After all that time, I know exactly what my members want and need for their highest and fastest growth, so I felt like offering the same club format but for business was my ideal way of helping others achieve all I’ve achieved.

I envisioned offering my proven step by step process on how I turned over more than $20 million as a single mum, and was able to retire comfortably aged just 43, as well as offering life time hand held advice in the community.

And so it's for this reason I've chosen to invite you to lifetime access to...

Are you REALLY ready to develop your business mindset using my proven training strategies, interventions and business development techniques?

I am going to give you a detailed and fully comprehensive look into the actual strategies used by a large number of business people worldwide right now.

I will take you and your business on a journey from where you are now (even if you have no business or idea) to one with a million dollar annual turnover. I’ll give you all the tools to make it happen, AND I’ll be there for you live and direct in the community to help you every step of the way.

By the time you’ve completed the course part of our training, you will have all the tools, strategies, support and mind shifts, as well as extraordinary but achievable goals to Grow Your First Million.

I’ve carefully formulated and developed this club to be a complete 360 degree experience as we explore:

  • Common practices of successful business people
  • Success tools for building your online presence
  • How to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes
  • Proven tools for expanding your client reach
  • How to grow and sustain your business at no less than 30% each month until you reach your one million goal and beyond.

In fact, after completing just the course, you will be armed to the teeth with everything you need to not only Grow Your First Million, but everything you will need to make that and more every year for the rest of your life.

I am really excited to be offering you this club, and am looking forward to working with you.

This club will hold a special place in your heart as your business flourishes. The opportunity to tap into other genius business brains, have 24/7 Facebook Community access and network with other people just like you is invaluable.

And remember, you are not alone in this. We will work together to bring your Vision Of Love and business to life -- I'm supporting you all the way for as long as you need me.


You access the course by logging in to a special web site. You will learn at your own pace, using the downloadable workbooks and swipe files as you go along to make your experience 100% relevant for you and your fledgling business.

Each training video and workbook contains easy to follow in-depth step-by-step training that takes you from “I haven’t a clue” to “I grew my first million”.


Gather all the resources in this module so that you can thrive, stay positive and make the best business decisions possible, even during the most hectic of projects, launches and decision making moments. Business life is a rollercoaster and this module is your safety belt. 

Module One is where you build your foundations and prepare yourself for massive business action. It’s where you make a commitment to yourself and this process, and where you get to connect with living life only in the positive. We prepare your office space, your mindset, your body and your spirit so you stand the best chance of bringing your vision of love to the world and getting paid abundantly for it. 

  • Commit To Yourself Now
  • Transmute Your Fears Into The Positive
  • Use Sleep To Help Your Business Days
  • The Brain Boosting Super Energy Diet
  • Prepare And Detox Your Office
  • Wire Your Brain For Mega Success
  • Workbook For Module One


Create your stunning and unique new business identity, discover who your clients will be, and prepare for your business name to become recognised throughout the land.

Module Two is probably the module that thrills you the most, as you dig deep to discover who on earth you really are and what you really want to be doing in the world. We determine your vision of love, who you want to solve problems for, and how the world sees you.

  • What’s Your Vision Of Love?
  • Become An Icon
  • Define Your Ideal Client
  • Birth Your Image
  • Name Your Business
  • Design Your Logo
  • Supersize Your Brand
  • Workbook Module 2


Within 14 days of completing this module you will have published your web site, written a year's worth of blog posts so people can find you and fall in love with you, set up your email lists and harnessed the power of Facebook and Facebook Live. By the end of this module, you'll be gathering your fans in droves using the most effective low-cost ways available today.

In Module Three we explore how to build your online business from the ground up, by using my tried and tested Internet Cake Formula. Step-by-step, and in clear detail we go through every crucial strategy and technique you will need to get your solid business presence alive and buyable on the Internet. I help you build your systems for social media, blogging, your web site, email list building, live broadcasting and more. I even show you how you can make instant sales when you have no product to offer. Once you’ve completed this Module, you'll already be gathering your loyal fans, starting to figure out what to offer them, and even making those crucial first sales!

  • Weave Your Wonderful Web Site
  • Embrace Your Brilliant Blog
  • Sprinkle Your Free Love
  • Send Love Letters From Your Heart
  • Put Your Best Facebook On
  • Get Your Live On
  • Workbook Module 3


You need a business model to start an online business. Each of these options will take you from "what business?" to deciding if you only want to work 12 days a year to make ends meet or if you want to work part time and still grow a to million a year with around 90% profit for you!

Module Four helps you discover which business model you want to start with, based on your personality and working style. Then, using my easy to understand templates, you create that business model and bring it to the world. Included in this module, especially for you if you want to leave your 9-5 fast, are a few ways to ethically bring 10k a month to your door now.

  • Deliver High End Coaching
  • Offer VIP Days
  • Host Masterminds
  • Make an Online Course or Membership Site
  • Become An Online Retailer
  • Become An Internet Star
  • Workbook Module 4
  • Swipe files such as “My $30,000 email campaign” and "My high end coaching sales page"


Mix and match your business model from above to a sales model in this module to create a complete business earning $10,000-$30,000 per month in just 30 days or less.

Module Five offers you all the online sales models you will ever need, making this business course a true one stop shop for getting started online, and the only one you'll ever need. Discover the latest Facebook and Google ad hacks, as well as how to create varied passive income streams and sales funnels. Again, using my templates, cheat sheets and easy to follow instructions, you'll soon have your first sales channel set up, and you'll also soon be wearing that coveted "make money while you sleep" badge in hardly any time at all

  • Groove With Webinars For Instant Trust Plus Sales
  • Create A Video Sequence To Launch To The Masses
  • Make Clarity Calls For A 98% Success Rate
  • Facebook 101 (3 Part Video Series):

    -- Get Your First Highly Relevant 10,000 Page Likes
    -- Boost Your First Highly Engaged Facebook Post
    -- Place Your First Hot Lead Generating Ad
Gain Your Facebook Ads Blackbelt To Scale Up Your Revenue Fast
  • Transform Into An Affiliate Superstar To 10x Your Income In Just Weeks
  • Workbook Module 5


Growing Your First Million has never been more clear or simple. Use any or all of these strategies to help you get to that exciting ONE MILLION a year turnover.

And finally, for the modules, there’s Module 6. This is all about growing your first million, because no one plays small on my watch. I introduce you to the most effective advanced business techniques that will help you scale up with simplicity, so your business becomes highly profitable without it swallowing up all your spare time. After all, you've got this far, so now it's time to really enjoy your life!

  • Get Seven Streams Of Income
  • Take Three Steps To One Million
  • Make Your Business Plan And Exit Strategy
  • Write A Book
  • Shazzie's Top Business Tips
  • And Finally...
  • Workbook Module 6

You get instant access to Module One, and modules 2-6 are on a very quick drip fed schedule. I did this so you don't rush the course and miss out crucial steps that could make the difference between your success and failure.

To get the most out of this training, you must start right at the beginning and go through it in strict chronological order.

It may take you three months, it may take you a year or more, but so long as you keep your momentum going, you'll complete it in a timescale that works around your current job and lifestyle, and you've have my lifetime support too.

And the course is only part of this lifetime package!
Check out this incredible bonus:

Introducing the LIVE part of your lifetime membership

As I’ve mentioned, you'll join me for life, and that means you'll be gifted with:

  • Regular interviews with ethical business experts
  • Live Q&As and critiques to keep you on the right track (about four hour's worth a month)
  • Live or video interventions by myself for clients who need quick fixes
  • Cheat sheets, templates, scripts and more
  • Quarterly masterminds, where you get the chance to be in the hotseat
  • 24/7 access to our rocking Facebook community
  • …and so much more

I  do everything I can within the community to support your vision and help you become successful in your business.

Remembering that business is a spiritual practice, we also offer space in the Facebook community to anyone needing help with other aspects of their life, which inevitably affect their business life.

The Facebook community is peer supported, and I'm in there most days for you, too.

But that’s not all you’ll get, so keep reading if you have that funny feeling in your tummy right now!

Training manuals, audios and videos so you can do it all!

You’ll  get instant and lifetime access to my ever-growing Grow Your First Million Training E-Manuals and other teachings so you can learn how to write a sales pages, how to put on events, how to sell on Amazon, and other fulfilment secrets and so much more (worth $1000+)

Shazzie's velvet sofa

For those times where you still want to learn and be inspired but you need to do it with a cocktail in one hand and a bowl of olives in the other. Here you get more than 10 comprehensive laid back trainings such as your exclusive Five Minutes Of Me Time guide, the ever popular I Am Wealthy And Wise guided meditation, The Art Of Manifesting audio, and a peep into my everyday life, too.

You're in great company

You'll delight in these 15+ interviews with business visionaries -- ethical, loving and honest people share how they changed the world  with their Vision Of Love.

Wake up in paradise audio set

I'm handing you my three month mindset training audios on a plate. When you listen to these as instructed for three months, the wiring of your brain will change so you can receive more abundance, joy and love into your gorgeous life.

Instantly become known to my fans so they can love you too

We are all in this together right? I want to help you start a successful ethical online business so we can make this world a better place -- together. One of the hardest things about getting started in any business is finding your ideal clients. So as well as teaching you how to do this in a fast and simple way, I'm also going to put your business directly in front of my 100,000+ fans. I've gathered this loving crowd over my past two decades online, and they trust me to only expose them to the best stuff. So as soon as you have something to offer, if I think my people will love it, I'll share it with them. No catch, no affiliate fee, just pure love for you and what you are doing to make this world more awesome.

Find all the resources to running your business in one easy place

I’m throwing in my ever-growing library of all the resources you’ll ever need to start and grow your online business from zero to a million.

What you will and won't receive as a lifetime member of Grow Your First Million Member’s Club

What you will receive when you join

What you won't receive when you join

Lifetime access to the in depth comprehensive six module course that takes you from zero to growing your first million.

Direct access at all times to the private Facebook community, where I'll be there to help you most days.

The opportunity to network with people like you who have great business visions and experience.

All the bonuses as outlined on this page.
Scripts that aren't relevant to you.

Shoulds and shouldn'ts.

A way of making money by telling people how to make money (I won't work with you if that's your goal).

Stuff you can easily find on the Internet or from other business mentors.

Anything fake or unrealistic such as get rich quick schemes.

"So how exactly will this club help me achieve my goals?"

You'll systematically learn everything you need to become an ethical business owner, to start and grow your business and then how to scale it up for big time and world changing success.

You'll also have full access to myself and your peers in our Facebook community -- we will cheer you on, support you, offer advice and keep you going when the going gets tough.

And you may know that I'm a bit of a Fairy Godmother, so I'm also going to do this for you...

As soon as you join, I'll cast these 19 magic spells upon you to make all your business dreams come true

  1. You gain solid, maverick and transformative business knowledge based on my two decades of extraordinary experience.
  2. Your Vision Of Love effortlessly reveals itself to the world.
  3. Your focus shifts from your basic needs towards being of service to your clients and the world.
  4. You ask extraordinary questions which quickly grant you extraordinary results.
  5. Your business life is an astounding success that gives you the lifestyle you want, while helping people, animals and our planet.
  6. You fully understand that you are so utterly unique, that ONLY you can do what you do, and there is never any competition.
  7. You feel instantly comfortable with your place in the Universe, which directly impacts on the sales of your products and services.
  8. Your abundance consciousness is permanently altered in ways that make sense to you, so you can readily become unlimited in your beliefs and achievements.
  9. You easily finance your wildest fantasies.
  10. You awaken to the possibility of creating heart-led revolutions that change the world.
  11. You overcome ALL shame, guilt, fear or worry about "what's next", that's standing in the way of you and your millions.
  12. You set outrageous goals that will make sense to no-one else, and then you achieve them. Remember, I have done this myself and I've been helping others do it too, for many years. I know what works and I'm finally ready to share it with you.
  13. You learn to invest your capital in weird and wonderful ways to make your money go even further.
  14. You remove any and all blocks that you are tripping yourself up with, whether they be business or personal issues.
  15. Your business blooms and you even develop an exit strategy so you can retire while you are still young and sprightly enough to enjoy yourself.
  16. You become an icon and set the world alight with your passion so people will remember and benefit from your gifts for the rest of your life and beyond with your legacy of love.
  17. You continue to receive 100% bespoke advice from me on streamlining your business systems so you end up with more free time and profit and less repetition and frustration.
  18. You continually re-evaluate your goals so you get to achieve what's really important to you.
  19. And yes, that illusive Holy Grail — you know how to quickly create a passive income so that you can make money while you play and sleep.

If you're truly ready to expand or start your business, you couldn't be in safer hands.

I'm not one of those people who makes money by telling people how to make money. I turned over $20m in a real business and retired aged just 43.

Now all I do is help people like you who are ready to do the same.

I am 100% committed to you getting the very best results possible, and if needed, I'm prepared to work with you on overcoming any personal hurdles, too.

You may know me through my former business, from my books, my TV show or my apps, or even just through Google! But discreetly, behind the scenes I've been mentoring a dedicated handful of people over the years, helping them realize and fulfill their ambitions.They are all now soaring with their successful businesses, and I’ll help you get to that same place as much you will allow, too.


All I ask of you is that when you make this commitment, that you see the whole course through, join in with the live training as much as possible, and do all the work required to give your business the best chance of success.

When you commit to yourself completing this course, it will benefit you in ways you couldn't possibly begin to imagine and give you a quantum leap up the ladder of business success.

In Workbook One, I'll ask you to sign your commitment manifesto. Keep this closeby, to get the momentum you'll need to complete your course and make your business flourish.

I’m ready for you, wand in hand

After turning over $20m, there's not a lot I don't know about business, and I really really want you to know all this stuff too... I want you to bring your Vision Of Love to the world in a realistic and grounded way that will serve not only others but you too! If you're ready to bring your Vision Of Love to the world, you’re in the right place...

Are you ready, too?

Then let me take your hand...

Bliss UYour Personal Life And Business Mastery Mentor

PS: I want to help you shape your business and get you ready to become a great business person, and for that to happen, you need to believe that I can. Here are just a handful of my clients who have had their business lives transformed when we’ve worked together:


“I have come away with an excitement to get on with it and put into place all the actionable tips I’ve been given. Shazzie is so intuitive and really seemed to get me and my hopes and fears.”

Anna Challacombe
Blisscloud Eco Yoga Mats


“I was at my wits end: lacking focus, direction and motivation for my current coaching business and my future retreat business venture in Italy. In essence, my passion and enthusiasm had hit an all-time low and I was on the verge of giving it all up.”

“In a single 2-hour Skype call with Shazzie I went through a gamut of emotions as she gently pushed, prodded and cajoled me into uncovering my blocks, my blind spots and my resistance to what was happening right in front of me.”

“To say this was the most impactful business coaching session I have ever had is a complete understatement. The advert stated “Give me 2 hours and I will shape your destiny” – a bold claim but wow it is absolutely true. Not only did I get renewed clarity on my vision but I reconnected with my passion and my mission to help others and I feel like I have taken a massive leap forward.”

“The Shazzie “magic” during the deep visualization was (and still is) one of the most impactful experiences of my life. When I allowed myself to go really deep, I was transported into a space of opportunity, abundance and endless possibilities. Completely priceless!”

“The experience allowed me to reconnect with me and from this place everything is possible.”

“If you are feeling stuck, lacking direction or motivation then I cannot recommend Shazzie highly enough.”

Maureen York
The Calm Coach


“From that very first Skype call with Shazzie, I could feel the integrity, hear the wisdom and was able to embrace the most magical business mindset ever...”

“As a business mentor, Shazzie had this uncanny ability to unearth and open the “stuff” that had been holding me back, both personally and in my business. I was “stuck” on how to implement my ideas properly and in an orderly fashion that would best suit my clients while still making money.”

“She help me to focus in on my attributes by giving me actionable advice and tangible steps and tools to work with.”

“It wasn’t all fluff and stuff, It was real business advice and planning.”

“It’s been utterly amazing to have such an accomplished and ethical business woman rooting for my success. Thank you so much, Shazzie, for empowering me and and giving my business the structure and momentum it needed to flourish.”

LaFaye Pye
The Raw Food Pantry


“Working with Shazzie as a mentor is a fun, refreshing, inspiring and revealing process. She is so relaxed and down to earth, not at all preachy or “guru”-like.”

“She really helps you see yourself — strengths, weaknesses and all! — very clearly, and through the tools she uses helps you in returning to your truth and source of wisdom.”

“It is powerful work, facilitated by someone who really cares about helping conscious businesses grow and flourish, and who is passionate about people sharing their gifts with the world.”

Hayley North
The Holistic Kitchen


“In just a few weeks Shazzie has helped me develop a very exciting vision and a practical plan for how to achieve it. I’ve received so many resources and also made the personal growth to know I can make this happen.”

“Shazzie is incredibly kind and very generous with her time and wisdom. I’ve felt supported at every step, and to have someone believe in you like that is very empowering.”

“Change is happening quicker than I had expected – I’m well on my way now with it now and extremely grateful!”

Catherine Moore
Origami Calm


“In my first session Shazzie looked at my business systems and we identified where I could become more effective.” She helped me gain crystal clear focus on my goals for the coming 6 months and my financial goals.”

“Shazzie worked with me to identify new opportunities and solutions. These were practical and could be implemented very quickly. Shazzie is very authentic, heart centred and has a wonderful energy. She is fun to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking to move their business and life to the next level.”

Afzal Khan
The Health Transformation Coach


62 Videos
9 Texts
31 PDFs
22 Audios


Learning to grow your first million - by a REAL multimillionaire

This course has so much VALUE. It covers the essentials such as your mindset, self-care, the practical aspects of getting clear on your purpose, your offer and so much more. I feel reassurance knowing Shazzie is the real deal. She's made her fort...

by Afzal Khan

Joining The Club Has Been One Of My Best Biz Decisions Ever!

Working with Shazzie in the Club has been one of the best decisions I´ve ever taken for my business! I will forever think of my business before and after joining the Club. It´s a heartfelt experience. Shazzie is clearly very knowledgeable and incr...

by Simran Sofia Love

Shazzie is simply the best heart-centred biz coach

I went from being confused on how to set up my biz to having a name, plan and a step by step guide. Shazzie is authentic and really cares about you and the success of your biz. She is very intuitive and knowledgeable and gets you on track quickl...

by Julia L

Learning to grow your first million - by a REAL multimillionaire

This course has so much VALUE. It covers the essentials such as your mindset, self-care, the practical aspects of getting clear on your purpose, your offer and so much more. I feel reassurance knowing Shazzie is the real deal. She's made her fort...

by Afzal Khan

Joining The Club Has Been One Of My Best Biz Decisions Ever!

Working with Shazzie in the Club has been one of the best decisions I´ve ever taken for my business! I will forever think of my business before and after joining the Club. It´s a heartfelt experience. Shazzie is clearly very knowledgeable and incr...

by Simran Sofia Love

Shazzie is simply the best heart-centred biz coach

I went from being confused on how to set up my biz to having a name, plan and a step by step guide. Shazzie is authentic and really cares about you and the success of your biz. She is very intuitive and knowledgeable and gets you on track quickl...

by Julia L

This Is Just What You Need When You Are Serious About Starting Out And Taking Next Steps

This club has helped me no end. Shazzie said she would hold my hand and she has. The club is very good value. It's Very practical and there is hands-on support. It's just what I needed for starting out and taking next steps.

by Tumbly Thompson


This course has been brilliant for me and the business. It has been so simple to follow and the results have been amazing so far. Shazzie is such an amazing support and you really feel she cares so much and wants us all to be a shining success. ...

by Marneta Viegas

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