Let's get real...

You're done with preparing, over producing and polishing your offers to the point of being so exhausted you have ZERO energy left to sell them and help people.

And that goes for everything...  online courses, coaching packages and membership sites -- the lot.

But what if you could...


    Almost magically combine your most favourite online offers into one product that you can sell on repeat without wearing out your email list?


    Create VIP upgrades that increase your conversion rates, boost your bank balance and give you that deep sense of satisfaction you get with 1-1 coaching without being tied to your desk every hour of the day?


    Fine tune your offer according to your clients' feedback and then scale it endlessly in a way that's automated, highly profitable and reliable -- AND still gives you that time freedom you crave?

This is why I encourage my clients to build clubs, not courses or memberships

  • And the best part is that it's not one size fits all -- you get to design it according to your needs, likes and time constraints, so you really can build a highly profitable business you adore AND get that time freedom you always dreamed of.

As a CEO for 20 years, I developed this unique business model that will give you the insight, confidence and knowledge you need to launch your signature club today before it has any content and without any overwhelm, confusion or financial stress.

  • I’m going to show you how to make that mindset shift from being confused about what to offer, doubting you can achieve it and worried you’ll get totally overwhelmed…

  • To actually becoming the proud owner of that juicy and profitable signature club within 24 hours and then go on to earn your desired annual revenue within just six months.

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About Shazzie

I'm a Brit with a worldwide audience

In 2000 the Internet made me famous and I changed the world doing what I love. 12 years, 1 famous health food business, 5 revolutionary books, 2 signature clubs, a Sky TV show, a million download app and $20M later, I retired aged just 43. I live in my beautiful eco home with my fluffball Ripley and my daughter Evie. I've been a hands on single mum since she was born. My "work two hours a day in my online business" mantra made all this possible, and that's what I want to teach you. Let's get started.
This is me with my daughter Evie

Click the button NOW to access this invaluable FREE video training course that will help you build that dream business in just 24 hours!

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5 star rating

Amazing tips and insight into designing your own course

Naheed ahmed

Really great tips, and very motivating, I loved this because it was realistic and simple to understand.

Really great tips, and very motivating, I loved this because it was realistic and simple to understand.

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5 star rating

Awesome info

Sam Edwards