Fed up of those fast paced webinars where you can't connect to the host, and don't have all your questions answered

Well it's time to kick back and relax, because it's the SUMMER!

But that doesn't mean I'm going to drop you from my thoughts.

As you know I've been working extra hard to help as many of you get your online businesses up and running since the world changed.

And this is no exception because I'm about to take you on a journey full of hopes, visions and dreams.

For 23 days, you'll be experience heartfelt training, sharing and masterminding in our beautiful Live Interactive Online Zoom Event.

You'll go from where you are now, to knowing what makes you tick, what you really want for your business and what your next steps will be.

Say wella wella wella uh to:

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23 Days Of FREE Business Training, Masterminds & Q&As

This is the only live business event in the world that’s been created exclusively for coaches, healers and health freaks just like you so you can design your own stress free and profitable business in our 23 FREE sessions together.


All calls are recorded and you get to keep them for six months

Who Am I And Why Am I Committed To Your Business Expansion?

I'm a Brit with a worldwide audience

In 2000 the Internet made me famous and I changed the world doing what I love. 12 years, 1 famous health food business, 5 revolutionary books, 2 signature clubs, a Sky TV show, a million download app and $20M later, I retired aged just 43 (in 2012).
This is me with my daughter Evie

I live in my beautiful eco home with my fluffball Ripley and my daughter Evie.

I've been a hands on single mum since she was born. My "work from home two hours a day in my online business" mantra made all this possible, and that's what I want to teach you now.
Shazzie's timeline

Here‘s what I’ve seen in my 21 years of online business

So many authentic and heart led professionals who want to take their business online struggle to build:

  •  A strong brand that positions them as the unquestionable go to expert in their niche

  • Unique, high value, transformational offers that are absolutely irresistible

  • An army of superfans who are constantly waiting to learn more from them

  • A simple and highly profitable business model that generates recurring revenue


  • Working 942 hours a day

  • Being live on every social media platform ever all at the same time

  • Selling their granny to pay for those hit and miss campaigns

  • Constantly creating new content to satisfy the needs of their hungry clients

So I’ve decided to do something completely new that will relight your business fire

23 days of Interactive, intensive video training and sharing over Zoom video, worldwide, recorded if you can't make a session or two

Monday 19th July to Tuesday 10th August 2021

Our live training dates are: Monday 19th July to Tuesday 10th August 2021

UK: 18:00-19:00

CET: 19:00-20:00

PST: 10:00-11:00

EST: 13:00-14:00

ACST: 02:30-03:30

If your time zone isn’t on this list, go here and compare your time to the London (UK, BST or GMT+1 time)

How your days will look

We will work together for 23 whole hours, one hour a day.

  1. Opening session -- dream in your business

  2. Bag that $100k life

Become content with content

  4. No product? No problem!

  5. List build like it's 1999

  6. Host a paid workshop

  7. Last night a 1-1 saved my life

Talking circle: Release your fear of visibility
  9. Float down the funnel of love
  10. Why build a club
  11. Live VS Evergreen launches
  12. Get that recurring revenue lifestyle
  13. Offer 3 versions for more sales
  14. Dream in your Legacy Of Love
  15. Talking circle: what's bugging you?
  16. Plan your club
  17. Find people like you
  18. What's your dream 1-1 process
  19. How to run promotions
  20. Talking circle: free for all
  21. Build a fast Facebook "email list"
  22. Instagram Reels go viral
  23. Closing party, fun galore and surprise giveaway

Yes we will mastermind

Your very favourite training with me is our masterminds, so of course we will do plenty during this workshop

If you are lucky enough to get in the hotseat, prepare for your life to transform before your very eyes as I work my magic with you and your business. When I mastermind with one client, you all benefit, so get excited and stay there.
  • Remember this FREE event is interactive, so so I'm keeping numbers small. That way you'll get the personal attention you need to help you figure out the best way forward for your business.

  • If you can’t make any of the sessions live, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Each session will be recorded, and I’ll add them to this course at the end of each day. You'll have 6 months access to the material.

  • If you're not live with us you won’t be able to ask questions, but you will be able to do the work as if we are live, and other people’s questions will be super valuable to you too.

Grab this now!!!

You get this inspiring bonus collection the second you join so you can get going before we even start

  • BONUS: Wake Up In Paradise

    Value $297

    I’ve given you my whole three month brain training series called Wake Up In Paradise, so you can begin upgrading your brain immediately.


All calls are recorded and you get to keep them for six months

Here's to your success

By the end of this event you’ll have figured out how to achieve:

Sparkling new revenue streams, bigger launches, more fame, a highly profitable business, and your revenue multiplied as per your goals, which will permanently set your business and your lifestyle apart from those who procrastinate, blame and whine….So you can confidently build your juicy and profitable online business now.

I absolutely can’t wait to see you in this event.

Bliss U

PS: Don’t worry what level your business is at right now, or if overwhelm keeps knocking at your door. I know what it’s like. I’m a single hands-on mum AND of course I have my own insecurities — we all do!

But remember I’ve been an online CEO for twenty one years in ethical online businesses, so I can help take all the guesswork out of building a business that effectively and simply delivers your Vision Of Love to the world for everyone to benefit.

Join me now, and let’s make your dreams come true.


All calls are recorded and you get to keep them for six months

This is me with my client Anna

Several years ago we conceived her eco yoga mat business called BlissCloud. We still work together today

When Anna launched her most recent online course, she had a 10% conversion rate. Industry standard is 2-4%, so she was thrilled with her results.
Me and Anna from Blisscloud

What you say

“I’m convinced that, without Shazzie’s mentorship, I wouldn’t even have a business that turns over more than a million a year, doing what I love: Empowering people to have amazing health and energy… On behalf of myself, and all the people who’ve thanked me over the years for the life transforming results they’ve had with their Health: Thank You Shazzie. I literally couldn’t have done it without you… ”

Elwin Robinson: Master Herbalist

“I’ve been in business for nearly 30 years now. I’ve had so many business advisors, mentors and coaches and I can honestly say I’ve never had a mentor like Shazzie. She gives so much content, love and support into everybody’s business and she just wants us all to succeed. I can’t even begin to explain what it’s done for my life and my business.”

Marneta Viegas: Relax Kids Founder

“With Shazzie’s belief and never-ending support my business has continued to grow strongly using her advice. At a time when others are closing their doors due to lack of work, I’ve experienced one of the best months and years I’ve ever had in business. I’m now at full capacity, so have started to create new passive revenue streams to help even more clients.”

Debbie Walker: Naturopath, Passport To Change

Have we met before?

Time Out
BBC Food Food
LA Muscle TV / Sky TV
Channel 4
BBC Radio

Still undecided?

You’re ready for extraordinary business growth that will set you apart from the masses with my training, if:

  • You’re just getting started in business or you want to grow into your next phase and you don’t have the time or patience to keep testing and making mistakes. You want to get it right first time, and you are more than happy to implement the strategies of someone who’s been there before you.

  • You’ve been in business a while but you just aren’t seeing the revenue results that you expected and wanted. You’re frustrated and a little jaded but definitely not ready to throw in the towel just yet. You know there is a way through this and you’re more than excited to finally explore it.

  • Your business is good and you have a stable turnover, but you simply don’t have the time to learn all those powerful, “what’s working now” revenue generating techniques that will make it great. You just want someone to give you all those clear, proven, step by step business building strategies, and get that vital support along the way.

  • You go to bed optimistically dreaming about what life would feel like on the other side of all this hard work that you’ve put in. You want to stay in those beautiful hotels, take your family on holidays they’ll never forget and live in that stunning dream home. And now, you’re ready to open your arms and say YES to all of it.

  • Being the sole decision maker in your business is fab because you don’t have to argue with anyone or compromise, but it’s also a bit daunting. Not having step-by-step training to bring your ideas to life has sometimes led to you not making the best decisions and you are so ready to change this, without losing any actual control of your business.

  • Changing the world according to your Vision Of Love is crucial to you. You absolutely know that with the right advice, encouragement, support and strategies you can make that quantum leap in your business and finally get your message out to millions of people and really make a difference.

  • You feel confident making this time investment in your business because you know without it, this time next year you’ll still be in the same place you are now, and your business will only grow at a blah pace. But WITH it, your business will get that injection of energy, clarity and experience it so desperately needs.


All calls are recorded and you get to keep them for six months