Thank you for being a part of my business mastery community. I appreciate your commitment to your process of growth and learning, for yourself and for our gorgeous planet.

I ask you to follow a few simple guidelines, to make sure we create a fair, respectful and loving community for all.

All of the content in my courses online communities is copyright of myself and my business, Ecstatic Creation Ltd.

Please do not record or copy the videos, share it, or distribute it in any way at all without express written permission from myself. If you do, my legal team with automatically pursue you to the full extent of the law.

For paid courses, please do not "study with someone else" unless that person has also bought the course from myself.

Please be loving and kind inside the online communities.

We are all working towards one common goal, and that's to transform ourselves and get more world changing businesses out there. If you disagree with someone, that's OK, but please don't turn it into an argument. Remember, it's better to be happy and kind than right ;-)

Have realistic expectations of the courses and clubs.

Re GYFM Members Club: You're in this for as long as you want to be, because I've given you lifetime membership. I'm encouraging you to let go of any ideas of getting rich quick, because that's not what this club will give you. I want you to learn from the very first module, slowly, repeatedly and systematically until you get to where you want to be. In the community, I'll help you with all the live support that I offer. If you truly want to leave that JOB and revel in the delights of freedom, then you must build a sustainable business, and that takes time. Mistakes are inevitable, too... just learn from them and move on.

Re Pure Minds: Our meetings are weekly unless I have an emergency, which is rare. Pure Minds is your opportunity to spend some of your work time with people like you, and we openly encourage buddying, affiliates, joint ventures and more. However if it becomes clear that the only reason you joined is to recruit people, I'll remove you with no notice or refund.

Re Shazzie's VIP Room: The content consists of many self study and self paced courses and other content, so choose where to start based on your requirements. You can find accountability and regular challenges and events inside our private community. 

Re other courses and 1-1 work: All small print is on the page you were on before this. Ensure you have read it before committing. 

Payment terms

Re GYFM Members Club and other business courses: If you bought this club using my payment plan please be aware that it is not a subscription and does not require eternal payments. You are obliged to pay for the complete amount, but once you are paid up then you are in for life, with no further payments needed.

Re Shazzie's VIP Room: No special terms

Re Pure Minds: Pure Minds is a self cancelling service and you can opt out any time you like (but obvs we don't want you to!) 👉 👉 👉 To cancel your subscription please follow these instructions 👈👈👈

Refund terms.

Re GYFM Members Club: You get over $11,000 worth of business building tools as soon as you join the club. And because of the EXTENSIVE live element of the club where I help you directly, there is a 100% no refund policy. However, if you get stuck and want to quit, talk to me and your buddies in the community, because we will help you move through it fast... we have your back, always.

Re Shazzie's VIP Room: I don't offer refunds due to the quantity of training you receive as soon as you join that you can't give back because it's digital.

Re Pure Minds: Pure Minds Monthly is a self cancelling service and you can opt out any time you like (but obvs we don't want you to!) 👉 👉 👉 To cancel your subscription please follow these instructions 👈👈👈 Because of the live element of this product, there are no refunds available.

Re other courses: I do not offer refunds because you get instant access to my best content that, when applied, will grow your business fast, as I promise.

If you break my terms and conditions, then I reserve the right to remove you from my community AND courses without notice or refund, AND pursue you for any monies owed, so please don't sabotage yourself, your future business or your plans to change the world.

Bliss U